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Sleep Lab

Occasionally, everyone has problems sleeping, but if you regularly cannot get a good night’s sleep or your snoring is disrupting the sleep of a loved one, you may suffer from a sleep disorder.

Sleep disorders are a common condition affecting about one out of every six people in the United States. A sleep disorder can adversely affect health, work performance, school and relationships, so it is important to seek professional help. With prompt diagnosis and effective treatment, you can sleep, feel and live better.

The Sleep Center is led by a specialist who is board certified in sleep medicine.

Mission Statement: We will strive to provide our customers affordable, accessible, compassionate and high quality medical and sleep related product and services.

Pulmonary Service

Benbrook Medical & Sleep Center's Pulmonary Services staff provides a full-range of diagnostic and treatment services for pulmonary patients.

  • Diagnosis and treatment for asthma, bronchiectasis, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, tuberculosis, pneumonia and sleep disorders
  • Comprehensive pulmonology at Benbrook Medical & Sleep Center. Our services include a full-range of diagnoses and treatment services for those at risk of lung and heart disease.
  • Pulmonary Function Test

The Pulmonary and Critical Care Department offers comprehensive services involving the treatment of lung and breathing issues including asthma, critical care services. The Pulmonary and Critical Care Department offers an Executive Health Program providing a thorough and efficient package of medical services. The Executive Health Section of Pulmonary and Critical Care can be reached by calling 1-817-249-7323.

Cosmetic Service

Benbrook Medical & Sleep Center offers a range of cosmetic skin care treatments customized for the specific needs of your skin. Our doctors have training in skin care to provide you with an appropriate skin care regimen. They use advanced products and treatments to help your skin look fresh and healthy.

The Cosmetic Dermatology Session provides cosmetic procedures to patients in a caring and professional environment at affordable rates. You will consult with an Attending Physician. The session offers several types of cosmetic procedures including Collagen, removal of skin tags, botox injections. After the initial consultation, some procedures can be administered the same day.